A new enclosure for the CANUSB


We have made a new updated version of CANUSB, but this update is just a new look of CANUSB (new enclosure), it is still 100% same hardware and firmware inside so all software and drivers remains the same. The reason for this update is that our supplier made an EOL (End of Life) of the enclosure and cable we have been using since 2003. So the last batch we got in December 2016 was the last and the enclosure and cable is now obsolete. We then decided to make some adjustments to the product and design our own enclosure.

The new enclosure is slightly bigger but since the original design was made for the enclosure we decided to use back in 2003 we had to put components on both sides to make it fit. Now with the new design we put the components on one side only and made an enclosure to fit that design. This is more cost efficient for production and we could maintain the same price. Also instead of having a fixed USB cable to the product, we use a standard USB cable, so any length could be used to suit customer demands. We also used same familiar blue transparent color for the enclosure and the LEDs inside could be seen through enclosure as on the CAN232.

Regarding the USB cable length, check with your local dealer which length they stock or supply was default. Below are some initial pictures how the CANUSB looks like, click on each Picture for a larger version.

Please note some dealers may still carry the original CANUSB for a while and there is no benefit to use one over the other (unless you want a shorter or longer USB cable, then the new design could be a choice).

Enclosure is about 72*43*21mm (not counting the connectors).

We also want to point out again that all software and drivers that are on the market works with the new design without any software/driver update at all. We simply had to update the product due to the fact that the enclosure and cable are obsolete. Below are 3 pictures showing both old and new enclosure as a comparision, the bottom with serial number and the CANUSB with a standard 1m USB cable. Click on the pictures for a larger version.